Dangerous Drugs
Individuals across the country rely on prescription drugs to treat a host of ailments, and to meet this demand, pharmaceutical companies frequently unveil new treatment options. But some new drugs are not tested properly before they are released to the public, and some consumers may experience severe side effects as a result. In this case, if the manufacturer of the drug failed to warn consumers adequately about the risks associated with taking the drug or otherwise created a dangerous drug, it may be liable for a resultant drug injury or death. Injured parties should consider discussing their options for justice and compensation with an experienced dangerous drugs attorney. Our firm has helped many patients across the United States who were injured while taking a dangerous drug. We encourage you to take advantage of our free and confidential consultation.

Dangerous Drugs May Escape Recalls and Remain on Shelves 

In order to protect consumers in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may issue recalls of medications deemed unsafe for use. These recalls are astonishingly common; a 2010 article in CNN reported an uptick in recalls in 2009, claiming that there were 1,742 recalls that year.

In some cases, these drugs stay on the shelves in pharmacies across the country, endangering the public. Other drugs are not subject to a recall but may cause injuries nonetheless.

List of Dangerous Drugs 

Our dangerous drug attorneys represent New York and clients nationwide who were injured while taking certain medications and fight to recover compensation for these individuals. We also file wrongful death claims for personal representatives on behalf of patients killed by dangerous drugs.

The list of dangerous drugs available today may contain names with which you are familiar.

Commonly used potentially dangerous pharmaceutical drugs include:

  • Accutane;
  • Actos;
  • Ambien;
  • Avandia;
  • Byetta;
  • Celexa;
  • Chantix;
  • Cymbalta;
  • Darvocet;
  • Darvon;
  • Denture cream;
  • Depakote;
  • Digitek;
  • Enbrel;
  • Fleet Phospho Soda;
  • Fosamax;
  • Heparin;
  • Hydroxycut;
  • Januvia;
  • Ketek;
  • Levaquin;
  • Lexapro;
  • Low testosterone
    drugs (Low T);
  • Mirapex;
  • MRI Contrast Dye;
  • Neurontin;
  • Paxil;
  • Pradaxa;
  • Prempro;
  • Prozac;
  • Raptiva;
  • Reglan;
  • Remicade;
  • Risperdal;
  • Rituxan;
  • Saxagliptin;
  • Seroquel;
  • Strattera;
  • Talcum powder;
  • Topamax;
  • Trasylol;
  • Tylenol;
  • Wellbutrin;
  • Xarelto;
  • Yaz®
  • Yasmin;and
  • Zoloft.

Of course, this list represents only a portion of the potentially dangerous drugs available to consumers today. Anyone injured by a pharmaceutical drug not on this list still may be able to file a claim to recover damages.

(We regret to inform potential clients that our firm no longer handle cases involving the following drugs: Accutane, Darvocet, Darvon, Denture cream, Digitek, Fleet Phospho Soda, Fosamax, Heparin, Hydroxycut, Ketek, Levaquin, Mirapex, MRI Contrast Dye, Neurontin, Prempro, Raptiva, Reglan, Remicade, Seroquel, Strattera, Trasylol and Wellbutrin.)

Speak with a Dangerous Drugs Attorney Today 

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to the side effects of a pharmaceutical drug, please don’t hesitate to contact the legal professionals at The Fink Law Firm P.C. today. We will review the details of your case and discuss your eligibility to recover compensation for the costs of further medical treatments, lost wages due to an inability to work, as well as any costs associated with rehabilitation.

In the event that a loved one passed away as a result of a drug injury, a lawyer can assist you in filing a claim to recover funeral and burial expenses, as well as compensation for loss of financial support.  For an individual consultation regarding your potential claim, contact The Fink Law Firm P.C. today at 1(844) FINK- LAW (346-5529).  Our award-winning dangerous drugs attorneys will help you navigate the complex legal landscape in the tireless pursuit of justice.